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BIG changes here at…  I have been writing for Weather5280 for the past couple of years, and I recently partnered to make our weather information even better.  Please check out for the very latest on the changes for both short and long range forecast information.  I have no doubt in my mind, that you will like the changes…and thanks for your continued support!









4 comments on “Short Range Forecast
  1. Really did enjoy your timely news. I will watch and be conservative on my replacement heifer buying. Good to know that we still need to keep our stocker rates low to preserve grass and pasture.

  2. Brian Bledsoe says:

    Thanks Keith. Appreciate you attending my presentation…

  3. Robert Bledsoe says:

    Thanks–Will be ready to fertilize the wheat. Ours is still alive and with your current prediction for more moisture, are planning to invest some yearling to graze the wheat pasture.

  4. Robert Bledsoe says:

    Good Thing you were on top of the latest snow storm. Rule of thumb is that we don’t shelter our pregnant cows after May 3rd. If we would have done this for this storm, we would have lost 4 new born calves. Thanks and good job.

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